Anger, Greed and Wisdom

Who decides what religion the Messiah isn’t?

Lost Prophecies

Within the Dharma exists a different prophecy that is unknown in the Western world.  In it, much of the calamity we are now experiencing could be explained.  Of course, there is the false messiah of New Testament fame, although with a dishonest face it would be difficult to ascertain.  It requires honesty to hold any religious truth as sacred, and until it becomes self-evident we'll all be left without a Savior.

The Upanishads are an excellent place to begin your studies.  Far removed from the Abrahamic lineages of the Middle East, this varying perspective will add depth to any spiritual inquiry.  It's very difficult to want to help anybody when they are all claiming a side, on a universal truth.  The conflicts we see today, are mirrored in our inner landscape.  The conflicted leadership only mires the same attitudes, and reflects an uncertainty that we've all grown accustomed to.  This is the challenge that America faces - solid, spiritual leadership - that is free of political affiliation, and all of the biases that come with it.  A receptive public remains the skeptic until a curtain is drawn.  Who pulls the strings of your beloved savior?

How will America progress when our leaders are rooted in fear and deception?

It's not enough to say that I'm free of divisions - we all make decisions between one thing and another - it's another thing entirely to claim an absolute from a divided nation.  Case in point, the Republican obsession with Christ and all his wrongdoings.  Of course Jesus would take a side, and it would be free of hatred and delusion.  Free of division that separates our communities, that includes borders and walls and immigration rules.  Free of the hatred that propels these things forth.  Of course there are security concerns, they are coming from unstable nations, and rather than closing the door, wouldn't it serve us better to provide a place of relief?  A place of refuge, and solidarity.

The hypocrisy between the self-anointed leader(s) and the people they claim to serve is absurd.  Between double-speak and circumlocution of any given subject matter these people remain intolerant of their very own beliefs, and that of a spiritual practice that has been in place for thousands of years.  Many people have come before them, and alas, many more are yet to come.  If they can't free themselves of their own attachments - those things they identify themselves with - how can we expect them to improve the human condition?  How can we expect them to serve, without a valid witness?

It's my hope, that we, as a nation, can cultivate a sense of understanding with the challenges that people from all faiths experience in their day-to-day life.  That we learn to embrace the differences that make us unique, and accept ourselves for who we aren't.  This sense of competition, the drive for competing with others, is driving us apart.  Separating our lives from one moment to the next, and providing the basis for making false claims against one another. Factual history mustn't be intertwined with a perception of intolerance or an unjust cause. Waking up is a just cause, whining and complaining about how a third-party witness had treated you, is not.