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Michael Kabotie - Journey of the Human Spirit
Emergence - Michael Kabotie
There's a lot going on in our world at the moment.  From major terror news in Europe and the Middle East, to the stomach-churning election of 2016, we can be sure to expect even more uneasiness throughout 2017 and beyond.

The world is changing, too.  An impermanent world full of transitions that is marked by the heightening pace of the media, the past two years have been a blur for many of us. Spirit world is drawing nearer and the closer we become to analytical knowledge, the less intuitive it can become.  Many of us carry messages in our daily lives, and many of us do not speak out.  We are watching the world crumbling around us, with this grim sense of moral duty to stay out of the political landscape.

The religious right, on the other hand, are standing by ready to impose their ego-based ideas and assumptions upon anyone who isn't aligned with their beliefs and values.  These two dichotomies diametrically oppose one another, thus leading to more contrast of their supposed savior.  It's funny to watch politicians make this up, as if the person they profess to abide in, couldn’t decide for himself.  As if he were to make a conservative approach to spirituality and healing, it would really challenge the allopathic approach to medicine, and it would really challenge those that defend it.

So you're looking at a nation that wants to heal, and remains divided, and you're unwilling, or unaware, of how to accept that medicine as it is?  This is what happens when politicians are out of alignment with our values.  This is what happens when the conservative-right is allowed to decide; we're sent back to the '50s.

It's easy to quote the Bible.  It's hard to do the work.

As I sit here and write this, the news of Carrie Fisher's passing has just broke.  How sad it is to see the original cast of Star Wars passing away.  How sad the world is today, for all of her family and for all of Hollywood.  These people - the original cast of the Star Wars trilogy - are at the heart of what is becoming.  I can only wonder, with great awe and excitement, over the loss of life we've experienced in our lives, and what that means for 2017 and beyond.  I can only express my condolences to her family, and those that knew her well.  She will be missed.  She is loved.

I can remember this prophecy from a long, long time ago.  When the TV was blurry and we changed the channel with a knob.  I can remember the excitement of seeing Mark on the screen, and the wonder of learning something new.  I remember my mother telling me that this is our story, the story amongst the clouds, and now we are one less of an original crew.  I could mention George in passing although these two '80s icons are in a place beyond the suffering of this world.  Beyond the attention of living a life in front of the screen.  I hope they are in a better place, as we could all feel Carrie's spirit lift us high this morning.  I hope they are with Jesus and finding the buddha within.

Offering a Deep Bow for the late Carrie Fisher and George Michael.

Thank you for your graciousness and presence.