• False idols abound in the church of Science.

This is a prophecy of language and healing, unwritten words and misspoken tongue.  Of delusion and anger, contempt and ego.  When fear is chosen false prophets appear.  The mirror is bendable just as J.R. Tolkien predicted.  The Lord of Two Rings would be more appropriate.  I can't help you if you can't help yourself and no, I didn't vote for Donald Trump into office.  The reverse opposes me, so it must be Tom Cruise.  I never go for the throat until it's David Miscavige.  Of course, this is what people want me to do, that's why I never do it.  He's hiding as Penelope I'm sure of it.  Tom gets mad because he knows it's trump tower(s).

Look at Brad's divorce, you'll find the answer.