Spirit of Nostradamus

The Devil's Prophet

The Fallacy of False Prophecy

The Dishonest Doctor

Karmic Patterns

The False Witness of Scientology

We're going to take a moment to gather our thoughts, to understand what this message has been saying for hundreds of years.  Practice patience in this moment, and beyond.  What is Michel de Nostradame seeking with his writing?  Why are we enchanted with his message?

Whore of Revelations

Gender Bender

The Middle Ages were dark.  With its thunderstorm of knowledge came many things.  Some of it speculative, and some of it based in fact.  When one’s third eye opens a magnificent thing occurs, you can see clearly with a mind and you can see clearly with your eyes.  Something science will never grasp, fully.  That other dimensions do exist and they’re all right there, waiting to be explored.  Of course they’re not physical, but nonetheless real to the perceiver.  How do you read what you perceive?  Surely there’s more than six senses going on here and rather they be good or evil, you must simply understand they exist.

An experienced clairvoyant can hold a conversation with a person in this reality, while assessing their energetic levels of discord on a regular basis.  Of course, don't tell a Western psychologist such a thing for their belief is based in empirical evidence, a thing in which your perception of the other realities won't adhere to.  Perceiving through the eye, you shall see what I mean. Traditional healers have practiced various forms of intuitive insight for thousands of years, why? Because they're demons and with that comes demonic intent.  The intent to deceive or perceive otherwise in a mundane world.  They do cause illness and disease, much like Nostradamus would have, and often find themselves concealing their efforts through other means.

False accusations wouldn't make any sense either, for I can neither prove, nor disprove your own inner worth.  I can only observe based upon the choices you've made regarding this situation, and how it's been affected by your own personal karma.  That undulating choice-reaction that seems to serve us in the more cerebral sense of the word.  Probably not something that's embraced by the Jewish population but a force at play, nonetheless. Everyone has karma. Everyone's made a choice based on a previous effort.  Everyone's lived another life, so if the devil does incarnate, who is s/he?  Why are they playing the role that was gifted them?

Judith the Imposter

Nostradamus is most often known for his cryptic work contained in the essence of his self-published quatrains, or his specific style of writing that distinguishes his work from others of his time.  In an effort to consolidate my own work, and to further embrace the practicalities of modern-day prophecy, I have decided to follow a similar rule and offer my writing in a Haiku-influenced style of syllable count.  Traditional haiku poets would offer their respective work somewhere around the 5-7-5 syllable count, each contained on lines of three.  A quatrain, on the other hand, is partly defined as a stanza of four lines or more, with alternating rhymes throughout.

At some point in time we'll be covering the difference on keywords such as predictions, and prophecy, and why predictions are often contained in the sum total of writing.  A person could offer predictions, based on a personal circumstance, although 'to prophecy' may bring about more relevance to the current reader.  We're looking for a universal truth here, a place beyond all reason, and the more sensical I make it, the more perturbed the viewer becomes.  Have you ever met an anal doctor?  A person that has to be in control by all means?

Sacred Syllabus

I've been working with sound online for awhile now and one of the successes from this, this long delay spent listening, is I'm actually attuned to online frequencies.  Mostly subverted to healing work, these sounds, emanated by words, have come to me in a variety of ways.  The Sacred Syllable, for example, is one way that Spirit communicates with me, and me to you.  Of course it's an ancient tongue, yet it is also the voice of Spirit in the sense that it is timeless.  From this we can practice the rules of Nostredame and find entertaining quatrains, inspired by the Haiku format, to contain our prophecies.  As much as I'd like to offer carte blanche predictions, it's very difficult to do without the querent present.  Maybe someday I'll offer readings again, but for now writing is what I do.

Spinning and Writing

Most of what I do is spin online.  This includes words that are written and digital film from what's leftover from a semester at film school.  That was a long time ago although the understanding of how a body moves through space, and is then coherently captured on motion picture, are amongst the more fascinating topics of what's being offered.  It's almost as if we were going to respin a part of the human narrative, we could do it with film.  We could take a basic misunderstanding and make it right again.  It could be digital, and wordless and fill the audience with awe and delight.  It could be a wonderful story, if only the observations were to include an audience.  This is what happens when you watch a screen of any type; we're indulged with the producer's fantasy, whether we disagree with it or not.

Differential Diagnosis

To back up in thought, only for a moment, it's important to understand that the Spirit world isn't necessarily physical.  Sure, physicality can occur coming from the spiritual momentum, although I wouldn't expect a psychiatrist to know such a thing.  Their world is based in academic thought-process, which is typically linear in nature, read from a book and then applied to a real world situation.  It's like if one of those psychic spies were caught behind enemy lines, where would they be?  They probably wouldn't say anything, since their proof is in the pudding, only to go on and lead a fulfilling, creative life.  The reason I say this, this clear distinction between the physical world and spiritual one comes from a phrase that the noted author Robert Moss has recently used.  He mentioned something in a social media post, something along the lines of: "...for those that (continue) to confuse the physical with the real."  I couldn't agree more, and if you were to observe a physical science, much could be said about the same.