Luminous beings mirror our relationships to the stars.  For they, in the beginning, came from a place in the stars to protect us.  They are mysterious, and they provide a majority of the Mystery Schools that we abide by.  If you hear of the Mystery Schools of Greater Egypt, or of the Incas, it is they that brought it to us.  They delivered it to earth, and with that divine intelligence, life sprang forth.  A time before our own, they walked amongst us.  Providing the essentials for the spirit of our afterlife.

They communicate with telepathy and want you to know that Facebook isn't privy to this type of technology.  It's all over the web, and includes artificial intelligence on multiple levels.  With open-source development there's probably more at Google than Mark Zuckerberg can dream of. I know it's hard to understand, but I've had a lot of trouble over at Facebook.  That's one reason why I'm mostly at Google.  They tend to not bother me in my daily operations.

Back to the story at hand, White Star Prophecy is one site, amongst many, that is more or less aligned to the Greys while Blue Star is from.  And with that, you'll have to know that I've never been an abductee, although have shared many dreams with.  They're very friendly and only want us to learn our way through the course of the Milky Way.  Scientists like to talk about the whole universe, when we're one amongst many, and we can't imagine our own way through our own galaxy.

Everyone wants to know whether Christ was a grey.  Christ was human with a divine purpose, and with that purpose came secrecy, or mysteries of how he came to be a messenger for the early Jews.  This is the prophecy at hand:  How he knew what he knew, and in the ways that he knows it.  In today's world we call it spiritual awareness.  A few hundred years ago, we called it something else.  If we were to communicate the same thing to a Jewish psychologist, they'd label it a disease or a dysfunction of the human mind, prescribe he or she a wild dose of Xanax, and call it a day at that.

Never mind the years of spiritual training that he, or she had, and never mind the fact that the psychologist in question was his client.  When you continue to fabricate the medical records of a person that was never in your care, and for your perceived benefit, you should easily be held accountable for those actions.  Either by God himself, in a court of law, and with the entirety of witnesses on hand.  That includes the former business partner that you wedged yourself into, and the salon that you were so eager to get your hands on.

The holograms are where it isn't - that's where we are when speaking in terms of origin.  The early ancestors may have referred to this as the Progenitor, that thing above all else.  That a priori knowledge and awareness of how life sprung forth.  That's how we came to know of them, they look just like us.  They mirror our actions and choices because they are, above all else, spies from another planet, another star system.  It's easy to see how they constructed the pyramids of Giza, when they are just like us.  When they appear in human form not only for our benefit, yet for their own.

What's this have to do with Nibiru?