Ryan the Messiah

Michael and the New Age

What does the New Age deliver?

It’s hard to believe that so many people copy this as their own work.  I share this information so you know, not so you can claim it as your own.  Of course, that’s the risk we run when sharing freely online, and I don’t know where it’s been published, if anywhere, so you’re right if you’re at the bank.

Can you imagine?  Employees of one of the world’s largest banks copying my work as their own? What are their job descriptions, if any?  Copy the customers 'til the ink bleeds dry, I guess.  What if I’m not Jewish?

And how did my name end up at the mafia?  Do you think that by knowing my name, and whereabouts, that that gives you the upper hand?

"Oh no.  We're just seeing if it's true."

Right.  And I've got some swampland in Columbus to sell you.

Up until a few years ago I held a medical license in the State of Ohio.  Then it expired.  I let it expire to protect myself from the same source of Jewry.  They intended a threat towards me, and my then active medical license, because they were, or are, practicing doctors also in the state of Ohio.  Why would a physician pursue a massage therapist?  Are they that big of a threat to their business?

People ask me if I'm anti-Semitic and I say to them: "Not until their conspiracy against Jesus is proven relevant."  There’s so much animosity intended towards Jesus, and Christianity in general, and I don’t know why.  Christianity is an anti-Semitic practice by default, and they killed him for being different, after all.  Well, it was a curse to be more exact although closer to murder by today's seemingly high standards.

We just don't say it in church, he whispered from across the aisle.

That's what the new age is all about.  Finding your own way without dogma, or thesis.  The Middle Ages ruined us with their absolute darkness, surrounded with horned rims and a fiery inferno. Maybe that's what hell is like in Europe, rings of fire surrounded with demons and unrelenting sufferage.  Maybe that's what hell was like up until WWII and WWII was the end.

And we're still here.

Humanity survived God's greatest judgement although this time it's worse, since we have all of the intelligence agencies to deal with.  Talk about a skeptical debate.  An educated Jew and a high school diploma from an educated Marine.

What does he know, after all?

What is to be found, is found in meditation.  Just like a thousand years ago, and a thousand years before that.  The spiritual inquiry requires an honest effort on your behalf.  There are no shortcuts with any of this - with the path of enlightenment, or awakening, or healing, or whatever you'd like to call it.  It's more than copy and paste from your mind, to mine.

Cultivating natural talent is a thing that comes with maturity.  When one person protects their source, do not become envious at these results.  If you lack spiritual insight, then find the Brahman with in.