John F. Barnes - Myofascial Release
John F. Barnes - Myofascial Release
? This is a question mark for John.  Not many of you know this, but John is a healer as well. John is in Pennsylvania and when I fell, I fell in John's care.  It was near the end of a seminar, when spirit wrapped me tight, and spun me a vision.  I couldn't say anything and it wasn't terribly delightful to have to bite your tongue in front of such a large audience.  It was like Jesus meeting John, only this time we were in America, and John didn't see it either.

I've said this before, but the vision questing began in 2003.  The questioning arose out of a need to know more, to know more about why I had been called in the way that I was called, and to really clarify the path I was walking upon.  It wasn't different than me, and through a rapid succession of dreams, and direct divining with Spirit, I clarified not only my roles, but also the relationships that I had brought with me.

Now back to John, who would've known that he was in the direct opposite position of my mother?  His role with Mary had intertwined with his Cougar, and he wasn't expecting me either.  So to say that I didn't see it coming is a falsehood, and to say that it wasn't intentional isn't exactly true either.  Sometimes we remember, in order to forget, and sometimes when we forget in order to remember.  And I wouldn't wish that Cougar upon my worst enemy, unless it made him, or her, stronger.  Unless it had answered what she had called for.  It was Paw.

Paw Paw - One Tribe.  Do you remember?

The higher echelon is a cat, or at least that's how it appears to us.  That's the metaphor the Ancestors use, partly due to the fact that it mirrors their own.  That's their paw, to us.  That's how we communicate, through a big, fluffy cat.  It appears as a cougar, or a jaguar or a tiger for that matter, but part of this is due to what's indigenous to North America and how it intersects to that of Europe, and before that Ancient Egypt.  What cats help inspire us from Ancient Egypt, and how does that relate to the second revelation?

Something you'll have to remember is that this is John's Revelation and in the 21st Century, post-WWII and 9/11 and Vietnam for that matter, that our roles and that of the Disciples have changed quite a bit.  This begins with reincarnation and the posit of a continuum that spans from lifetime to lifetime.  So, in fact, we're picking up where we left off from WWII, and John was born before the end of that conflict-ridden era.

That'll put us back in the '60s, a decade before I was born, and with that the separation of these post-WWII entities, entities that created and caused havoc throughout the Holocaust, and helped birth them into their current place in history.  There is a monster curse at the Trials of Nuremberg that helped make this all possible and everytime I've asked about these WWII atrocities, Spirit has always come back with Angleton at Nuremberg.  That's where I leave it. In fact, there are events that are specific to the Middle East, again scattered throughout, that are directly tied to Jesus' intervention into the history of man.

Medicine can come in many different flavors, especially of the spiritual variety.  This time, I had gone for my Father.  Beyond my father is the road to heaven, and without my ascension we would have no medicine.  In the form of a Swan I had asked politely.  Forgetting that it was a Mayan prophecy, and that my father was once a jaguar, I had gone back for seconds once before.  We are all tied to Central America with the understanding that all of these prophecies are being woven together into a singular whole.  First, for simplicities sake, then we will remember what we have forgotten.

Any questions?