Joshua's Tree

It's unfortunate when people assume that we're picking off where we left off from some 2,000 years ago.  You'd imagine Jesus and spiritual leaders throughout as having lived in a vacuum, as if our efforts were inconsequential lifetime to lifetime.

People have the idea that I’m a preacher, and I am not.  I am a healer and a prophet, delivering messages much the same as we have done for 2,000+ years.  I communicate what the heavens allow, without taking a side, or injustice.  There is judgement upon us, and for those of you who spoke poorly of my own efforts, I’d encourage you to be truthful with yourself, and your family.

Please do not make the assumption that I am Jewish or that I support the rather harsh rationalization Jews typically have against Christ.  Please do not ask me to take a side with your political process with the understanding that I support progress in America. Forward thinking capabilities coupled with storied success.  Where we are in America is a lot different than where we were in England, or Europe for the past few hundred years.

Hunab Ku - José Argüelles
Hunab Ku - José Argüelles
You should, or could, stand to benefit from looking at America’s history with the full knowledge of our Puritan past.  I am not Puritan and neither are you.  This stymied thinking, this overtly conservative thinking has brought our otherwise civil nation to a halt on more than one occasion.  I understand the need for roots, for that is how a tree grows, but I also understand the need for growth and the freedom to move about and express how God made you.

Up until now I have spoken a lot about the past, the failed presidencies, the glimmering hope of a nation built with the knowledge of our ancestors, and the knowledge of the future.

Time is a bending thing and I’d encourage the scientists out there to challenge their own thinking, their own observation on how, and why, we have such a debate.  I’d also challenge the religious leaders to relax and allow the universe to flow.  If it’s our pulpits that challenge a few, then it’s our education that challenges a many.

There are chunks of history that are missing and when I find myself searching for the right clues, or the right answers for that matter, I find myself staring at the sea realizing that it’s sunken somewhere in the Mediterranean.  It makes me want to cry with all the lost knowledge from Egypt, or Phoenicia or anywhere before Christ died.  There were lives directly before Christ that challenge us today.  There were curses that we will never understand, with the full knowledge of that is how God operates.  God is a curse for the wicked and a blessing for the poor.

I don’t believe in poverty, I don’t believe in impoverished efforts, but that is often our cause because we give people hope.  We give people faith and we ask people to have faith, yet we can't even learn from our own mistakes and know when to say when.

I find it nearly impossible to move forward without understanding where we've come from. I've found it difficult, to say the least, to believe in a nation that doesn't believe in itself. That's still stuck in the '60s with its racial thinking and hatred attitudes.  These groups of hate need to be diminished, not because I said so, or someone in a position of authority said so, but because America deserves better.  The world deserves better in the face of such terror.

In a lot of ways I refuse to talk about the Middle East because it's such a tangled web, and I don't want to bear the responsibility for a nation that I don't believe in.  As an American, that once served in the Middle East, I would only challenge your thinking on what the media sells us and on what our government is telling you, and it's true for every nation on Earth.