Sixth World Prophecy

Have you ever wondered if the Aztecs wandered north into what is now southern Florida? They were in Louisiana too, at the mouth of the Mississippi River.  Can you imagine all of the historic mound builders playing a star game?  I wonder what constellation they aligned with; maybe it was Draco, the mysterious serpent in the sky.  Some say, or rather, most often we call it a dragon, and it is, but it's also where we'll find a serpent crawling across the sky.

Draco - Constellation of the Sky
Draco - Constellation of the Sky
Olmec historians disagree on when, or if, their prophecies will come into fruition. Fortunately, not all is left to academians to decide upon, for what we're seeing now is a combination of prophecies informing one another, into a cohesive whole.  While we tend to want to put things in order, in a linear fashion by saying A, B or C; in reality a lot of things, a lot of historical discussion points, were put in out of order.  Or have come to us from a different time, therefore we have given it a different meaning.

North America, and its fortuitous ancestors, wouldn't give a damn about New World explorers, unless it mirrored what they already knew.

I could sit here and give you predictions all day long, but there's no specific query. There's no specific questions being asked, so I've devised an oracle, that actually works! Can you imagine being gifted the gift of time, tied into a prophecy, that actually proves the Ancient Greeks?  Oh, the things we could change, if only the language were understood!  If only the tongue was sacred enough for Apollo to gift us his time!

Some thing that many spiritual traditions don't admit to is reincarnation.  We have it in the Asian philosophies, we see it in the Greeks, but the actual nuts and bolts imply a lot more than you can imagine.  It's important to understand that God's original family is still around, the actual historical people have been called to work with Spirit once more.  Our work is never done, only moving forward, and it's our responsibility, at least that's how I see it, to share it with the world and at such a climatic point in history.